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Are you going to use “recycled parts” to repair my vehicle?

Even though we use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts whenever possible, sometimes your insurance company will request the use of remanufactured, used or recycled parts to keep down costs. It is your right to know if these parts will be used for the repairs. You may request that only new parts be used, but be aware that your insurance company may not cover the complete repair cost.

Do I have to go to the repair shop my insurance company directs me to?

Despite the fact that an insurance company may direct you to a body shop they have a partnership with in order to save money, it is your right to have the repairs done at a shop of your choice.

Do I need to have multiple estimates?

Although no law requires you to have more than one estimate, your insurance company may require you to see one of their appraisers or go through drive-in claims service. Once you have their estimate you can choose to have your repair shop provide an estimate as well.

How long will the repairs take?

Once we’ve done an initial appraisal of the collision damage, we can provide an estimated completion date. Other factors, such as parts availability or additional damage found once work begins, can affect this date.

How should I care for my new paint job?

If you have to wash your vehicle within the first 30 days of the repair work, hand-wash with cool water and mild car-wash solution using a soft cloth. We recommend washing in the shade and not using wax or polish for three months. Be careful to avoid parking under trees or power lines which attract birds.

Are estimates free of charge and do I need an appointment?

Estimates are free of charge. We give estimates on a first come, first serve basis. If you bring your vehicle in, we would be more than happy to survey your damage and give you some advice.